Bath: Something for Everyone

There are many and various reasons for visiting Bath in England, but no matter why you decide to go there are some sites and attractions that should not be missed. From spas and mineral baths to fantastic museums to ancient ruins, Bath has something for everyone to enjoy.


Shopping in Bath takes many forms and caters to all different types of shoppers, but it is always a treat. Most of the best shopping takes place in one of the five shopping districts in the city, with each offering something unique. Upper Town and Artisan Quarter are famous for their independent shops and artsy feel, Central Area and Southgate are where shoppers go to find their favourite higher-class shops, Milsom is home to small, local fashion stores and Western Bath is where people go to scour the weekly flea markets. The best thing about shopping here is that Bath is a fairly small city making walking between the different districts very easy.


Bath boasts some unmissable historic sites, and the Roman Baths are a great example. The entire ancient Roman complex was built around a natural hot spring around 70 AD and has been a centre for bathing and healing ever since. The Roman Baths double as a museum as well making your visit both relaxing and educational.Bath Abbey is another historic site of major importance in the area. While it isn’t as old as the Roman Baths, the Abbey is more than 1,000 years old and is one of the most impressive structures in the city.You can’t go to Bath without visiting Stonehenge. Dating back to 2.500 BC, this World Heritage Site remains a source of mystery and inspiration. While no one is quite sure why it is there or how it was built, there is no denying that it’s one of the most amazing sites that still stands from that period.

Final Thoughts

Go to Bath! You will find world-class spas, ancient wonders and some of the best shopping in the region. Whether you are planning a solo trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or you want to visit Bath with your family and friends, you won’t be disappointed at the choices you have to entertain yourself.