Popular British Pastimes

The British, while known for their fondness of tea, are developing a thirst for coffee and patronising the local coffee shop has become a popular pastime. Recent studies suggest that British people are consuming more coffee than tea and it is predicted that the UK coffee market, valued at around £9.6 billion in 2017, will be worth £13 billion by 2022. British coffee culture, dating back to the seventeenth century, is centred around the many coffee houses that line the island’s High Streets.More than 80% of the British population live in urban areas, with the majority of those people living in Greater London, and the countryside can offer a change of scenery for those who feel trapped in the island’s towns and cities. The British countryside, ranging from the flat wetlands of the Norfolk Broads to the U-shaped valleys of North Yorkshire, is a popular destination for ramblers who like to explore these rural areas by foot. Public houses, campsites, hotels and youth hostels can be found along the most popular rambling routes.Angling, whether it is of the freshwater or saltwater variety, is one of Britain’s favourite activities. Coarse and game fishing, occurring along the banks of the island’s rivers and lakes, requires a licence that can be acquired from local government authorities while sea-fishing does not require a licence. There are around 800,000 game anglers, two million course anglers and one million sea anglers in Britain.Playing poker is a popular pastime in Britain and, thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to play this card game online. There are a number of Poker varieties, such as Omaha Poker, that can be played online. Many British people, wishing to have fun in the comfort of their own homes, choose to spend their free time playing online poker.