Striking it Lucky in Bath

The historic city of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts wonderful architecture, a variety of museums, regular festivals and theatre, as well as great shopping and dining, justifiably attracting thousands of visitors every year. There are also several different casinos in Bath and visiting one of these establishments is a great way to have fun and take a break from sightseeing. Of course, before hitting the casino you are likely to want to hone your poker playing skills a little.

Saw Close Casino

Saw Close Casino is the largest casino in Bath and boasts and total of thirty five different slot machines for visitors to try their luck on. The casino also features eighteen different table games including electronic roulette, blackjack and various different tables that are dedicated to popular types of poker games.

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino is one of the most popular land based casinos in the United Kingdom and a branch of Grosvenor Casino can be found on Anchor Road in Bristol. In addition to the main room, the casino features private rooms where blackjack, roulette and poker can be played, while there is an onsite restaurant and bar to unwind in. Private parties can be arranged at Grosvenor Casino and this is a great place to celebrate a birthday or another type of special occasion such as a stage night.

Gala Casino

Gala Casino is another large casino that can be found on Explore Lane and specialises in bingo and slot machine games. Other leading casinos include Fun Casino Fun on Devon Drive and Rainbow Casino.

Casinos in Bath

One of the great things about the casinos in Bath is that they come complete with bars and other types of entertainment. The city is also known for its excellent restaurants and evening entertainment options and visitors who manage to strike it rich in one of the casinos will be able to treat themselves to an unforgettable night on the town.